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How we help design your gate system

Well it has been independently proven that properties sell for between 5 and 15% more, subject to location, when they are protected by a reliable and attractive automatic gate system.

A correctly designed and installed system will: Stop children running out into the road, keep pets from causing accidents or running off, provide traffic calming and pest control. They will make the property look smarter, provide security and act as a deterrent. They could save money on insurance, prevent vandalism and unwanted visitors. The list goes on and the main reason for purchase has to be considered and catered for within the original systems design and build.

Automatic gate installations and their design are unique to each property, for it to fulfil the requirements of both the customer and users, within its location and environment. Only accurate experienced advice on the design and skilful build, will fully maximise the return on the original investment made,

Every day someone makes money from a wise investment!

What to consider

The materials you want the gate to be made out of?

The design?

Do you want an intercom to speak to visitors before you let them in?

Do you want to see visitors before you let them in?

Who can use the system?  

How much the gate be regularly used?

Why do people get gates? 

  • Privacy
  • Protection to family and pets
  • Prevention of theft
  • Control Access
  • Prevention of theft
  • Cut out unwanted traffic
  • Convenience
  • Stop parking abuse and turning
  • Protect gardens from wildlife
  • Do you want to see visitors before you let them in?
  • Do you have a view on the style and design which will work best for you and your home?
  • How will the gate system open?
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